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Credit Reporting- Professional Collection Service reports to the three major national credit reporting agencies:  Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.  Accounts are electronically reported and updated monthly.  There is no extra fee for this service if you choose to have your accounts reported.


Client Reports- Our Collection Software, Debt$Net, allows us to provide several reports to our clients.  These include but are not limited to Acknowledgment Reports, Remittance Statements, Client Status Reports, and Recovery Reports.  Our software also allows for special customized reports if needed.


Skiptracing- We use skiptracing resources to locate consumers when they can no longer be reached at the address or telephone numbers listed on the accounts.  We use the National Change of Address database, National Directory Assistance and several web-based databases such as LexisNexis to locate skip consumers.


Dialer Technology- Professional Collection Service uses state of the art dialer technology which has the capability of making thousands of contacts per day.  We have our own customized messaging.  When consumers are contacted, they use a touch-tone telephone to be connected directly with our collector, or if our dialer reaches an answering machine, it will leave a message.  This leaves our collectors free to communicate with more consumers.


Flexible Account Placement- Our clients can easily place their accounts for collection by a variety of methods, which ever they prefer.  Accounts can be placed via disk, CD, or secure electronic file transfer through our website.  They can also be mailed or faxed.


Legal Remedies- If approved by our clients, we will review accounts which have not been paid for further collection efforts through our legal process.  We obtain information on consumer’s ability to pay according to their wages and assets.  We have experienced Attorneys who handle our litigation.  We pay the court cost and Attorney fees to file legal action on placed accounts. 


Online Payments- Allows secure online payments to be made via Checking, Savings Account or a major credit card.

 Our office is fully computerized and has access to national credit bureau files through Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union.

All collection techniques used by the agency are consistent with the

"Code Of Ethics And Standards"  adopted by the American Collectors Association.

Agency performance shall at all times be in compliance with the

"Fair Debt Collection Practices Act"  and all applicable state and local laws.

All collectors are sent to schools at the agency's expense and on a regular basis.  This keeps them updated on the latest collection techniques and the current state and federal laws as they affect the collection industry.   Collectors are sent to all  schools until they become certified collectors.

The office is open two nights a week in order to contact debtors that cannot be reached during the day, and half a day on Saturday.

Collectors are paid a basic salary plus a commission.  This serves as an added incentive for higher productivity.

Client statements and remittance of all funds due to clients are delivered each month. 

A variety of computerized reports are furnished upon request. 

These reports include but are not limited to:

  •         Debtor Status
  •         Placement Status
  •         Placement Acknowledgment
  •         Debtor Alpha Listing
  •         Closed Accounts 

The agency advances all court costs and pays all attorney fees related to collection of placed accounts.

A Client’s Trust Fund is maintained separately from the general operating expense account.

The agency’s rate of recovery has proved to be consistently higher that that of the national average.


Professional Collection Service Is A Member Of the following Trade Associations:


We strive to provide our clients with valuable services in today’s economy



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